New Yorkers rally to support Ukraine

People protesting against the Russian invasion of Ukraine in front of the Russian Permanent Mission in midtown. February 24, 2022. Photo by Nikol Mudrová

“Stop Putin” “Stop Russia Now” “Save Ukraine” “No War in Ukraine” These were just a few of the slogans hoisted and chanted on the streets of Manhattan this afternoon. Hundreds of New Yorkers, some born in Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan, and even Russia, gathered to support Ukraine after the Russian invasion today. From Times Square, they marched to the Russian Permanent Mission at East 67th St, then back to the UN Headquarters. Another rally occurred near the Russian Consulate at 91st street. “I have family back in Ukraine, and they’re hiding in bunkers,” Ivanna Sakhno, a 24-year-old actress from Ukraine with short blond hair and a Ukrainian flag painted on her right cheek, said, as she stood in the United Nations Plaza.

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