Продажа греческого траулера 2011 в порту Freetown

Наши греческие партнеры прислали информацию о продаже многоцелевого трансатлантического траулера 2011 года в очень хорошем состоянии.

THE VESSEL IS BEING CONSTRUCTED AS A MULTI PURPOSE VESSEL WITH A DIVERSIFIED RANGE OF CAPABILITIES AND CAN BE USED FOR DIFFERENT OPERATIONS IN VARIOUS TRADES ACCORDING TO THE CHARTERERS’ AND/OR BUYERS’ REQUIREMENTS. The spacious holds that allow her to be used as a cargo ship. The holds are fully refrigerated and can carry frozen cargo. The size and deck space that renders her an ideal service boat. Upon placing on board the necessary equipment, the vessel is able to perform purse seiner fishing and bottom fishing as well as fishing of shrimp, both by side and stern trawling. The capability of the vessel to preserve the fresh fish catch.

Траулер находится в порту Freetown.

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